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Fiasko Kompaniet is a Swedish / Norwegian performance group based in Gothenburg. The company was founded by Livia Hiselius and

Maria Strand Renberg in 2020. 


Fiasko Kompaniets work is focused on how performance meets scenography and objects. Both in established theater rooms and in public spaces. Through abstract installations in motion, experimental puppet theater, sound images and humour we want to influence the extraordinary in life. Our aim is to develop art for a mixed age group, with themes that touch on existential issues and bring forth thoughts about our surroundings.



Ett Oväntant Besök

August 2020, Mölndal Stad (Kultur i Corona-tider)

September 2020, Gothenburg (Leksaksbiblioteket)

June 2021, Hølen/Son (Sånafest)

August 2021, Marks Kommun (Kulturkatalogen)

September 2021, Gothenburg (FRINGE GBG)

September 2021, Gothenburg (KuBo)

Oktober 2021, Stockholm (STOFF)

Maj 2022, Gothenburg (KuBo)

August 2022, Gothenburg (Göteborgs Kulturkalas)

Maj 2023, Gothenburg (KuBo)

September 2023, Gothenburg (KuBo)




June 2021, Gothenburg (Kulturkatalogen)

April 2022, Gothenburg

Oktober 2022, Gothenburg 

Figurverkstad på kvinnoanstalt

2023 - 2024

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